Mental Math Fourth Fifth Grade

Researched working with eminent educational personalities & thru various books. This App covers the basic thinking skills Activities required by all the kids as their first Mental Maths.

​Activities include applying concept of addition and subtraction and apply multiple number concepts at a time.

Fun Math Games for 2nd Grade

This app covers the Montessori Maths Common Core Curriculum Standard for First Grade in more than 30 chapters and concepts. There are six main Sections - Numbers Fun, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Measurement and Shapes and Data. 

Homeschooling Math program for Kids in First Grade

Homeschooling Grade K Math Fun

Complete Kindergarten Maths with Spoken Instructions in English.
Kids are introduced to concepts as Comparing Numbers, Ordering numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Number names, Shapes and Measurement.​

Learn and practice Math Facts, Improve Speed and Impress your friends by doing everyday calculations at electrifying speed. Practice whenever you can - on the move, waiting in queues, sitting idle......

Everyday Math Fast Facts with Multiplication.

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# Reviewed and approved by eminent teaching faculty for mental math devleopment #
Aims at giving complete practise of Arithmetic Skills to Third And Fourth Graders.