What Parents and Teachers say...

Stories included -

Kate Bakes a Cake

Steve and Pete

Lets Meet Mike

Joe Goes to Rome

Luke Plays Flute

This book contains 5 stories for emergent readers. They are all written using blends and digraph words along with sight words appropriate for this level. They are a huge success with kids learning to read with characters children can connect with.


What Parents and Teachers say...

Cute stories, must know sight words,
Reviewed in the United States 

Nice stories, lots of sight words.
No 1 Kate -- puts gives was writes the she to for
No 2 Pete -- have gives of feeds, the them bath, brushes, picked
No 3 -- meet day most of all be, is his
No 4 -- Joe goes, one, to wants write told far the, with chose
No 5 -- plays magic in the school hall, with

​-Phonics Tutor​

What Parents and Teachers say...

Stories included -

Sam, the Cat

Ted and Ben

Tim, the Star Kid

Rob, the Frog

Zug, the Bug.


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This book contains 5 stories for advanced readers. They are based on Long Vowel Words and  also use sight words appropriate for this level. The five stories focus individually on long-a, long-e, long-i, long-o and long-u sounds for kids to practice.

I LOVE this book. I bought it for my 3 year old but plan on using it at work too. (I'm a speech therapist in the schools.) It's perfectly written for emerging readers with repetitive themes and word endings. I swear my son learned more words from this book than any other we've used! 

This book contains 5 stories for beginner readers. They are all written using short vowel words and sight words for kids just learning to read. All effort has been taken to use simple easy to read words, to keep the child motivated and more and more willing to read.

These are some Awesome collection of books for kids who started reading . Really nice and comfortable .Type your paragraph here.

-Sahil Taneja

Looking for books my son can practice reading whilst the schools are shut. These are just perfect.

-UK Customer on Amazon

Stories included -

Fred and Scott

Chicky's Wish

​Clara Got to Park

Trip to Farm

​Mark is Scared

These books are fantastic.
The words can be phoneticly decoded.
The pictures are a joy to look at.
Over all very pleased with the books.
-UK Customer on Amazon


This is great for my great-granddaughter-just what she is learning in school.

This book makes learning to read easy.

-Diane Verenbec

Right choice of words just appropriate for kids learning to blend sounds.

I recommend these books in my school to all the parents.

​- Montessori Teacher