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Quick Look Math and Learning Games Apps -

They are aligned to school curriculum and focus on improving the thinking skills of kids. We place great emphasis on keeping things simple yet interactive. Spoken Instructions, Rewards and Engaging Games make learning a fun filled activity. They boost the confidence of child as well. In few sessions only you will find your child in love with MATH. Complete series from Kindergarten to Grade 2 is available along with Mental Math for advanced learners. 

Quick Look Reading and Phonics Apps -

They provide the best activities for kids to reinforce their learning at school. We have the best collection of 'EASY TO READ' books with a very careful selection of words. 


Ashley Kerley 
Wonderful! It gave my girls the confidence to start reading beginner books!

Ed Melbourne 
Grear start !!

This is one of the best apps I have found to help my 5 year old learn to read. It is nearly perfect.

My son really enjoyed this quick little review game. I was actually able have him do review without a worksheet!


21 Apps covering  Preschool, Phonics, Reading 
and Math for Kindergarten to Grade 5

Aligned to school curriculum.

Balance between interactivity and learning.

Spoken instructions.

Effectively communicate subject matter.

Provide assessment and reporting.

Proven effectiveness in improving student results

Used by many schools worldwide.

Teachers and Parents satisfaction.

Reading apps provide complete sets of words with customizable lists.

Best in category easy to read books.