Give your child the gift of reading through this much acclaimed method of teaching kids to read.
With this app you will find your kid fall in love of reading. Kids will be able to use this app almost anywhere, anytime while you drive, enjoy at the cafe or even while shopping. Once the kids start loving reading, it will open a whole new world of knowledge to them..

Lets Read with Phonics - Comprehensive Reading App for Kindergarten And First Grade Kids School Education​

Montessori First Grade Kids Hooked on Phonics includes Phonetic Worksheets and Stories for School Education

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#Highly acclaimed by teachers and parents.
#Ranked in Top 10 in many countries.

This App is designed specifically for advanced readers. It works like an interactive book with lots of fun.

Montessori Kindergarten Kids Hooked on Phonics – Phonetic Focus on Child’s First Words with Short Vowel Sounds

# Top seller in phonics and education apps #
#More than 10000 apps sold.

This app is like an interactive book with clear images and sounds. It will help the kids learn how to spell and read their first words.

Kindergarten First Grade Dolch Sight Words with Flash Cards And Games – Includes Learn to Read Sentences

Sight words play an important role in child’s ability to read. 
Once the children are able to read these, they have access to up to 75% of what is printed in almost any piece of children’s literature. Here we use the most proven techniques to develop child's sight words. Children are given opportunity to listen and study new sight words in a fun way helping them strengthen their retention