Covers all the basic skills – Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Animals, Vehicles 
16 Different educational Games of Matching, sorting, organizing, Memory to keep kids entertained and engaged. 

Learn Colors Shapes Numbers ABC Monster Games And Activities for Toddler Boys

This app helps kids practice in a fun and rewarding way. They will look forward to practice and you will watch them learn new things. All the games are designed keeping in mind the curriculum and level of second grade kids. 
Includes time tested activities to develop maths and language skills.

Homeschooling Second Grade Fun Math Learning Games

Telling Time for Kids Clock Seasons Calendar Games

This app is designed to help the kids understand all about time.

Apart from teaching children to tell clock time, It also aims at introducing at other facts related to time like Seasons, Days of a Week, Months, Day And Night. Nine different activities ranging from Days of the week to word problems will be useful for kids at all levels.

Our activities are designed keeping in mind 1st graders' abilities and level of skill. We have easy-to-use navigation buttons and voice instructions in English.
These activities help them learn new words and practice letter-sound relationships and are effective tools when it comes to teaching different maths concepts important at this stage – Addition, Subtractions, Patterns and Ordering Numbers.

Homeschooling Grade First Fun Math Learning Games